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LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Get your 100 word book here:

Have you heard of the 100 word books from LeapFrog yet? you probably have because it has over 14,000 reviews on Amazon! With a few different options, including the 100 Animals Book (green and Pink), and 2 versions 100 Words book, your son or daughter age 18 months and older. Even kids as old as three or four love these books and take them everywhere with them, and the book is durable enough to handle the abuse.

You can select between English and Spanish, and the buttons are sensitive enough for toddlers' little fingers. Your kids will learn something from every page, and enjoy pushing all the buttons. There are two volume settings, low and high. In all honesty, sometimes the low volume setting still seems a bit loud. Songs, fun facts, animal names/sounds, and games are all part of the fun. Once you kids start playing with this, they might not want to play with any other toys! Get your 100 word book here:


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